Friday, March 9, 2018

Some Java Dev Bash Aliases

Below are some aliases that can be added to your ~/.bash_profile that I've found useful.  These aliases would be used for Git, Gradle, and IntelliJ, and for completeness are run on a mac.

alias gc='git clone'
alias gp='echo "-> pulling from git" && git pull'

#gradle and idea
alias gw='./gradlew'
alias gwci='echo "-> cleaning idea" && ./gradlew clean idea --refresh-dependencies'
alias gwcb='echo "-> clean build" && ./gradlew clean build --refresh-dependencies'
alias gwca='echo "-> clean assemble" && ./gradlew clean assemble --refresh-dependencies'
alias oi='echo "-> opening intellij" && open $(find ./ -iname "*.ipr")'
alias gwcio='gwci && oi'

alias gpci='gp && gwcio'


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